About the airport

Ponikve Airport is situated approximately 18 km northwest of the City of Uzice. The airport was built in the mid 80s of the last century for the purposes of military needs and it was in function occasionally. It was severely damaged during the 1999 NATO bombing. Ponikve Airport complex consists of 556 ha, where 200 ha is used for the purposes of air traffic.

According to the Conclusion of Republic of Serbia adopted on 22nd October 2010, a Contract was signed between Republic of Serbia and the City of Uzice by which Ponikve Airport was transferred to the City of Uzice ownership. By signing the Contract, the Assembly of City of Uzice held on 3rd March 2011, adopted a decision on establishing Public Enterprise for managing Ponikve Airport in Uzice and for offering airport services.

The first phase of cleaning the airport complex, respectively demining, was realized during 2013. It was cleaning of an area with total surface of 1.200.000 m2 (the area around runway with dimensions 4.000×300 m). This area was demined by engaging experts from Sector for Emergency Menagement, thanks to the USA Embassy donation of 300.000 USD. A Certificate on demining-cleaning the terrain was given by Mine Action Center of the Republic of Serbia. In this way were created conditions for undisturbed process of air traffic.

The opening ceremony was held on 5th October 2013 with the manifestation of “Air Show’’.

PE “Ponikve Airport” is currently signed by Civil Aviation Directorate as an airport operator with an agreement to operate Ponikve Airport (Decision no 4/3-08-0001/2019-0003, on 7th March 2019).

The airport is equipped with instruments for imprecise approach, respectively flying can be (beside visual) conducted also according to IFR conditions. Currently it can be used by aircrafts of general aviation (mostly airplanes of 10-12 seats). Technically, the runway can now accept bigger airplanes, but for accepting those airplanes, securing the funds for fence around the airport is necessary and purchasing of specific equipment for aircraft handling. In 2016, the terminal (general aviation building) was built by reparing and extanding one of the hangars, according to the conceptual design of our celebrated director Emir Kusturica.

PE “Ponikve Airport” started, according to Law on Planning and Constructing of Republic of Serbia, making technical documentation for the needs of constructing the future buildings at the airport. State Audit Commission of Ministry of construction, transport and infrastructure of Republic of Serbia gave consent to the Feasibility Study and the Preliminary Design for reconstruction and additional construction of Ponikve Airport (no 119-01-00051/2014-12 on the 8th of April 2015). The following conceptual designs got consent (preliminary designs are developed up to the level that makes 90% of the content of the main projects):

  • PRELIMINARY DESIGN OF ROAD CONSTRUCTION- project for apron and taxiway, with technology and drainage, the project of access roads and fence around the complex;
  • PRELIMINARY ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT- for passenger terminal and fire station;
  • PRELIMINARY PROJECT OF CONSTRUCTION – for passenger terminal and fire station;
  • PRELIMINARY PROJECT OF MECHANICAL INSTALLATIONS- for passenger terminal and fire station;
  • PRELIMINARY PROJECT OF WATER AND SEWAGE INSTALLATIONS- for passenger terminal and fire station
  • PRELIMINARY DESIGN OF POWER STATION 10/04 with cable line;
  • PRELIMINARY DESIGN FOR FIRE PROTECTION – for apron, passenger terminal and fire station;
  • ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNICAL STUDY – for future construction within the airport complex

The funds for generating this documentation (along with the Feasibility Study) were provided by European Union’s donation (150.000 EURO).

You can see here the future airport appearance.

Cadastral-topographic plans for the whole Ponikve Airport complex, in scale of 1:500 and 1:2.500, were generated in 2013. It was provided from donation of EU and USAID, and partly from airport’s funds.

General Regulatory Plan for the entire airport complex (556 ha) was adopted in the first half of 2015. According to GRP, investors have pre-conditions for getting all the permissions.

During period 2013-2019, the following funds were received for the further development of the airport and improving of user’s safety:

– airport fence long 2,5 km, commercial vehicle, mobile and fixed radio stations for establishing communication between services within the airport complex, 2 computers with additional equipment, 4 check-in counter with proper printers, passenger waiting chairs (donation from Airport Nikola Tesla Belgrade);

– 50,000,000 RSD for the construction of terminal building for acceptance of passengers, goods and mail, or passenger terminal (donation from Airport Nikola Tesla Belgrade, in accordance with the Government’s conclusion);

– funds in the amount of 8.800.000 RSD for: creating the project documentation for the Main Project of the fence (the project for construction of the fence) and radio connection at the Airport Ponikve, examining of runway capacity and professional training for the employees in PE Airport Ponikve at Belgrade Airport ( a donation of Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia).

In 2015, Highway Institute Belgrade had examined the functional and structural characteristics of pavement structures of maneuvering surfaces and platforms and evaluated the condition of these structures at Ponikve Airport. The relevant aircraft was designated ATR72, which determined the following:



кm 0+000 – km 0+700
(km 0+000 – km 0+650 right from CL and CL)

кm 0+700 – km 2+000
(km 0+650 – km 2+000 right from CL and CL)

кm 2+000 – km 3+085

Project period of 10 years

 Given the structure and the estimated traffic volume, unrealistically high values are obtained, which is why they are not shown

Project period of 20 years






PCN (project period of 10 years)


PCN (project period of 20 years)